Стретч пленка
Stretch film

Convenient packaging material produced from polymeric granulated raw material.

  • Primary stretch film
  • Secondary stretch film

The material is produced from granules of primary polyethylene and meets the global quality standards.

Первичная Стретч пленка

The material is produced with addition of secondary polyethylene. Despite having somewhat darker shade the product has almost identical mechanical characteristics in comparison with primary film.

Вторичная Стретч пленка
Структура стретч пленки

The film has a multi-layer structure, which strengthens the material and makes it highly flexible.

Основные цвета
Main colors

Color film is available on prior arrangement of roll color and size.

Физико-механические показатели
Physical and mechanical characteristics

Puncture resistance, recoverability after extensive stretch, lightness, shock, friction and low temperature resistance.



Гранула полиэтилена
Polyethylene granule

Polymer produced from secondary raw materials and used for production of polyethylene goods.

  • Stretch granule
  • High-pressure polyethylene granule

Stretch granule is produced from thoroughly selected stretch film waste on state-of-art equipment.

Стретч гранула

High control over sorting and processing of high-pressure polyethylene granule allowed us to achieve excellent production results.

Гранула ПВД

Polymer processing method by means of extrusion through forming die.

Отличительная особенность
Distinctive feature

Using state-of-art technologies of polymer processing the characteristics of produced granule are as close as possible to the characteristics of primary materials.

Липкая лента
Duct tape

Duct tape is produced from BOPP film coated with acrylic adhesive.

  • Normal duct tape
  • Jumbo duct tape
The product is used in various areas of business activities, at manufacturing and in the households, typically for packaging cardboard boxes. It can have various width, thickness and adhesive properties.
Обычная клейкая лента

Jumbo roll is industrial duct tape roll used by the companies rolling and cutting duct tape in rolls of required parameters.

Клейкая лента джамбо
Ширина изделия
Product width

You can order duct tape of custom length and width.

Разные цвета

Color duct tape is available on prior arrangement of color and size.

Упаковочная липкая лента

Transparent duct tape is irreplaceable in any office or household. It is handy in case you need to seal or glue something.